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Hotsy Southwest delivers one of the most rugged and durable line of pressure washers on the market. Our industrial-strength pressure washers are designed for daily use. We are proud to have the most knowledgeable network of authorized Hotsy dealers throughout North America who will help you select the best pressure washer for your cleaning job. Our dealers provide on-site cleaning evaluations and next day service calls by factory certified technicians. Excellent warranties, superior performance and ETL safety certified. Buy a Hotsy and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a product built to last.



New - Aqua-Rocket Hydro Excavation Nozzles

The Aqua-Rocket™ Industrial Turbo Nozzle is specifically designed and engineered for the Industrial Cleaning industry.

  • Durable & Long Lasting - These heavy-duty nozzles are constructed with stainless steel housings and tungsten carbide nozzle tips and seats to withstand harsh environments and provide longer life than ceramic nozzles. Aqua-Rocket™ nozzles are equipped with a high-temperature, drop-resistant rubber cover. Rebuild kits are also available for extended life and lower overall operating costs.

  • Complete Power Solution - The Aqua-Rocket™ blasts a concentrated, high-impact 0º water jet at 1500-4000 PSI, while rotating at an optimal speed to form a 22º cone-shaped spray pattern.

  • Superior Cleaning Performance - The Aqua-Rocket's optimized stream quality results in greater impingement, allowing you to easily attack even the toughest dirt and grime. In lab tests, on average, the Aqua-Rocket™ applied 95.18% greater impingement force than competitors.

  • Great Efficiency - Complete jobs faster while using less labor, less water, and less fuel.

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We can help you choose the perfect Hotsy power washer and accessories for your business. We stock a wide variety of pressure washer parts such as high-pressure hose, nozzles, wands, trigger guns, and more. Be sure to ask about accessories such as flat surface cleaners and telescoping wands.

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